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Black is Beautiful (2018) 12 – Pam the Funkstress

The Bay Area lost a legend this past December. I’m fortunate to have met Pam in person while she catered a youth focused event. There I told her how much I respected and appreciate her to which she was super nice. I also got to see her perform with The Coup many times. She was a incredible DJ, always clean with the cuts, timing, and as I understand it, a great musical selector.

Pam started as a battle DJ entering competitions on KMEL and the DMC (Disco Mix Competition). She later became the DJ for the Coup which she remained for nearly two decades. In later years she did not tour with the band but she was always there for special shows. Pam added tracks to Coup LP’s and vicious scratches for each album; always appearing on the covers with Boots and E-roc at first, then just Boots and Pam. I am huge fan of The Coup, and always loved their blend of funk, mob music, political satire, and wit. Pam also DJ’d in the club scene becoming a part of Bay Area Sound System or BASS with several ladies. She did weekly and monthly parties on top of making food and running a catering company (soul food). She later also DJ’d for the one and only Prince, who would later dub her Purple Pam. Read up on her, listen to the music, and count her among the world’s hip hop greats. My condolences to her Family, Boots, The whole Coup fam, and her fans. I am still in disbelief. She definitely got respect from hip hop lovers, turntablists, party DJ’s and the greater Hip hop community at large.

: Life, Coup LPs, San Jose Mercury News

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