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Chapter 510 Poet – Leila

This young lady is Oakland’s new Poet Laureate. This is maybe the 8th or 9th time I’ve painted a portrait for Chapter 510 and the Oakland Public Library‘s annual poet laureate program. It’s an honor to paint these rising and shining minds and an honor to be commissioned by Chapter 510.

You can read her work HERE

Update: This young poet just got her novel “Nightcrawling” featured by Oprah Winfrey!! 

Dig this?
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Penny Candy Books Anthology – It’s out!

So I can finally write about and show y’all a bit of the process for my recent piece in the Penny Candy Books release “13 Ways of looking at a Black boy”. This is a great book! It’s hardbound, about 30 pgs total, and matte color finished. The book is an anthology of artists who each get a piece of Tony Medina’s poem about Black Boys. Tony Medina is a dope poet from NYC that has not only published a bunch of poetry books, but he’s also published many picture books, and his graphic novel “I am Alfonso Jones”. The artists that Penny Candy picked are an awesome array of experience and technique. There are digital illustration, collage, oil, watercolor, acrylic, and ink. Here is my piece.

Here you can see a bit of process.I generally start with thumbnails, then move on to refined sketches and color ideas. Once those are approved I paint!
If you’re interested in getting a new book for your classroom, office, school, or library please support this company and the story. Also, check out the amazing artists featured in the book. 

Penny Candy Books Anthology- Sneak peak

I’m super excited to tease a little bit of this new book that I’m in. Its called “Thirteen ways of looking at a Black Boy” and you can preorder it at Penny Candy Books. Happy new year!

From the publisher:
We published 7 books at Penny Candy Books in 14 months, between Oct 2016 and Dec 2017. Now it’s 2018 and we are so thrilled and fortunate to have 8 books coming out this year. The first, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy by #tonymedina, is out on Feb 13, right in the middle of #blackhistorymonth. A book of poems illustrated by 13 different artists, this amazing book shows that the lives of young black men are far more complex and far richer than portrayed by popular media. Thank you to all the artists for their brilliant work: @floyd.cooper.4 @cozbi @skiphillart @tlynnmcknight @robert_tres
#keithmallett @popcorn.on.mute @keshabruce @macabrii #rgregorychristie #ekuaholmes 

@javakasteptoe #chandracox

Short story 20- Untitled

In case you cannot read the text, here are the words: 
As a child we’d come at day or night
We’d give our prayers and things felt right
With technology the times would change
The gods began to act so strange
As a child I knew from wrong and right
Now forgot what balance feels like
I bring my son and daughter too
They are scared but they have respect for you 

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Short Story 18 -Spool of thread

Spool of thread
Kite spool thread
Run with it
See the clouds roll in, I feel it 

Spool of thread
Just hold it
Run with it
See the world change as we run 

Spool of thread
I get it
Running fast
Dad I wish that you were here

Spool of thread
Kite spool thread
Roll back time
I miss him

Spool of thread
Spool of thread
Just hold it
Spool of thread

Spool of thread
Kite spool thread
Just hold it
Wind blow softly as I think of you

Wind blow softly as I think of you
Momma cries sometimes
She misses you

And I do too

I love you

Short Story 14- Purple Dreams

Purple dreams
and hot dish water steam
the walk to the corner store
its mean

The way I see it
aint the way it is
a world of positive reflection
for me, ronnie, and her kids

We got feelings too 
and sometimes I’ll just spray it 
I look for it hard everytime at the billboards 
but they dont ever say it 

Our voice is missing
So we decide to put it in
bet Rapunzel and Kareem from down the block will be inspired
let the 7 train imagination begin