Penny Candy Books Anthology- Sneak peak

Penny Candy Books Anthology- Sneak peak

I’m super excited to tease a little bit of this new book that I’m in. Its called “Thirteen ways of looking at a Black Boy” and you can preorder it at Penny Candy Books. Happy new year!

From the publisher:
We published 7 books at Penny Candy Books in 14 months, between Oct 2016 and Dec 2017. Now it’s 2018 and we are so thrilled and fortunate to have 8 books coming out this year. The first, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy by #tonymedina, is out on Feb 13, right in the middle of #blackhistorymonth. A book of poems illustrated by 13 different artists, this amazing book shows that the lives of young black men are far more complex and far richer than portrayed by popular media. Thank you to all the artists for their brilliant work: @floyd.cooper.4 @cozbi @skiphillart @tlynnmcknight @robert_tres
#keithmallett @popcorn.on.mute @keshabruce @macabrii #rgregorychristie #ekuaholmes 

@javakasteptoe #chandracox

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