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Chapter 510 Poet – Leila

This young lady is Oakland’s new Poet Laureate. This is maybe the 8th or 9th time I’ve painted a portrait for Chapter 510 and the Oakland Public Library‘s annual poet laureate program. It’s an honor to paint these rising and shining minds and an honor to be commissioned by Chapter 510.

You can read her work HERE

Update: This young poet just got her novel “Nightcrawling” featured by Oprah Winfrey!! 

Dig this?
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Journalist Jamilah King

Poet Lucy

Jamilah King

Had the pleasure of working with journalist Jamilah King for the new year. She’s an amazing journalist who has worked for Al Jazeera, Mic.com, The California Sunday Magazine, and now Mother Jones. Please support her and read more about her here at www.JamilahKing.com
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Children’s portrait 43- Lucy

This is Lucy! She’s about 5 or 6 I think and she’s a hapa baby. Dad is from Germany and mom is Chinese American. She loves orange, yellow, and red and some symbols of her heritage are in the fabric of her shirt. She has a beautiful smile, no?
If you or someone you know is interested in having their child painted; or you want a painting of a child please contact me at info@robdontstop.com or visit my Etsy page and purchase a painting.

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Samax Amen draws portraits

Yo, I’ve been immortalized by Samax son! It’s an honor to have any drawing done of you, but to have it done by such a talented legend in the comics world is even better. The homie Samax Amen who runs the comics and hip hop blog Ghetto Manga is taking portrait commissions. Holler at him yall.


And while you’re at it, hit hi up about this comic “Return of the Champ”

Lyricist from Bklyn

I painted this nearly 10 years ago. Although life is filled with contradictions, I have hella (a lot of) respect for this MC. The first 2 people who comment on this post with the title of one of his songs or even a name of one of his crew mates will win a hand drawn portrait (like this).