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Steal Estate trailer


This is the last of the projects from the Rise Home Stories Project. My book Alejandria Fights Back was one of the 5. Each project, the book, video game, animated short, podcast, and now interactive website are creative projects with a theme. Check out this trailer about “Steal Estate”. It will be an interactive website.
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Keep Families Together

  • So, they’re separating brown families again. As someone who works actively with and for children I’m furious! Enraged actually. But, here are some ways you can do to fight back if u disagree with separating children from their families and traumatizing them for life. 1. Don’t turn away. Look, see it, research it, get informed. Make art about it!! Art cuts through the BS. 2. Go to a protest, there have been many recently. There u can connect w/others who also disagree and are organizing against the US Govt racist policies. Don’t believe the hype, protest is a powerful tactic 3. Support organizations who support migrants and refugees 4. Call, email, write your congress member in your state. If you’re in Cali that’s Barbara Lee 5. Donate funds to organizations doing the work such as @conmijente @grassroots_leadership (feel free to tag some here and I’ll add to the post) 6. Peep the context. The US has been separating children of color (Black, lndigenous, Latino, Asian) from their families for centuries. It is not about law and legality it is about racism, white supremacy, theft, money, and power 

Character 112 – Ameena (Cease Fire)

This a caricature of Ameena. She’s one of the “Interrupters”. She grew up with a father who was heavy into the gangs of Chicago which date way far back. She was in the life, selling, partying, and wilding out. Ameena’s courage and gift of gab impressed me in the documentary. Speaking as someone who was also banging she speaks from experience and with authority that folks just listen to. I re-watched the ITVS documentary “The Interrupters” about a team of Black and Latino ex-gang members and cats called “Ceasefire” who lived the life and are now acting as agents of change. They find situations where there is evidence of long standing beefs, an insult, a stare, a look, anything that could set it off-and they step in. I don’t claim to have a complete understanding of “Ceasefire”, but what they and so many others have been doing to stop us from killing each other is inspiring. Don’t let anyone tell you people of color ain’t out there trying to stop the violence; that we only get upset when a cop murders. It’s not true. Please watch the Interrupters here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/interrupters/

How Ghettos are made-NPR

This is one small fraction , one small movement of a much larger beast known as White Supremacy and Capitalism here in the US. This story picks up right where writer Tanehisi Coates left off when writing about some of the national and federal policies which reinforced, permitted, and encouraged racist ideas and practices towards African Americans (and other people of color) through out the US. In this story on Fresh air author Richard Rothstein talks about federal regulations for housing, bank loans, etc and how federal policies created black ghettos. Which, are ironically being sought after and “discovered” invaded rapidly by young whites from suburb or affluent areas. Connect this to Baltimore, Ferguson, Brooklyn, Oakland, etc.


Note: I disagree with his viewpoints on “misbehavior” because it puts absolutely no responsibility on the part of the cops, the police departments, the district attorneys, the mayors, the governors, and even the president to put a stop to out right racist policies-a virtual green light to punish, beat, or murder any black person without accountability. The viewpoint of “misbehavior” makes it seem as though Blacks who simply behave, follow the law, or come out on top despite the tremendous inequality in every sector of life will not be targeted by Cops-and this is not true.