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I loved the film Stand and Deliver as a kid and still think it’s a ground breaking film showing Raza of all kinds learning and studying mathematics. Instead of feeling foreign to math Jaime Escalante makes you feel like you were born to learn it. “You burros got math in your blood” Edward James Olmos says in the film. For a large group of Brown people who were kept out of high paying jobs, building generational wealth, and power by design-learning calculus was and still is revolutionary. It doesn’t solve everything by any means, but Jaime’s legacy lives on. Have you seen the film? Whats your fav part?

Check out these other characters: 

Ana Delgado– The Nerdy math wiz

Angel from Stand and Deliver played by Lou Diamond Philipps

Tito-rocker/ladies man
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My name is Robert Liu-Trujillo and I’m a kids bk author/illustrator from the Bay Area. Peace!
One more, here’s a sketch of Jaime Escalante

Raza Sticker

Yo, just made a sticker with this image I illustrated back in 2016. You can cop the sticker and read a bit about it
Here’s the original post (editied) that I wrote with this image which was created for Inktober in 2016.

Inktober 2018 – Brown Berets

Founded in the 1960s, the Brown Berets are a community founded organization from California who organized around issues such as farmer workers rights with UFW, in solidarity w/ African Americans against police brutality, for access to education, retrieving stolen land, and to gain political power . Inspired by the Black Panther Party (Oakland) they formed a unit if mostly Mexican American high school and college students. They’re part in the movement for Brown people’s rights was in response to decades and hundreds of years of theft, murder, exploitation, and more by police, the US government, and by their local city officials who would of loved to sweep their righteous demands under the rug. The group still exists and were extremely powerful in organizing Brown people and for calling folks trying to deny their African and Indigenous blood (in order to look and be more white) to be proud of their heritage and identity. Their work moved beyond the voting ballot and they still work for the people today.

Chicano! Documentary, Wiki, Life,
If you dig this check out: Berta Caceres 

Inktober 14 – Raza

EDIT 2020 

New sticker with the phrase “RAZA” which means meany things to different people. Simply put, it means “The People”, gente, your folks, your family, and for many people it means a mixture of races/peoples that make up one. People who come from Indigenous, African, and European blood-mixed together through conquest, slavery, and some many other factors. I first heard the term “La Raza” from MC Kid Frost from LA, then from my Chican@ studies teacher Maestra Luna in high school. Often in protests or you’ll see the term because this is a group of people who both know their whole identity and have had it erased. Some people call themselves Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino/a, Spanish, or Latinx. Whatever term you use just know the story behind it.

JosĂ© Vasconcelos came up with this term in 1925 in his piece “La Raza Cosmica”. What I wrote below is not actually correct. But I keep it on here because…growth.

Raza. Simply or more complexly meaning “the race”. The human race? Not really. More like the race of Latinos, the mixture, pride, love, and history all in one. I don’t know the root of the word and where it came from but I remember the first, second and most recent time I heard it. The first was from an MC known as Frost from L.A. (I grew up in Northern Cali-hanging mostly w/ African American kids until jr. high and high school) The second was from a beautiful teacher that I had a crush on in high school named “Ms Luna” who described it with a smile. Mot recently I heard it in the lyrics of Bay Area MC Deuce Eclipse in the song “Que Pasa?” Can you remember the first time you heard this term? I know its more of a west coast thing, but I’d call myself Raza any day over “Spanish”. I might have some traces in my blood but I am not Spanish.

Want a sticker of this? LINK

Character 114 – Angel (Stand and Deliver)

Whats “Cal-Culus” ? This character is “Angel” who is not what he seems. You might see thug or cholo, and that is part of his character. But in the film we get to see so much more of who he is. In the late 80s a film called “Stand and Deliver” gave me a gift. As a child watching this film I recognized some of the characters, but didn’t know so many of them.  This is a rare portrait of latinos in East LA at the time. In Hollywood films Latinos were and still are tropes, stereotypes, and tired shells of characters if they are seen at all. Most of the time Raza are invisible in film, but in “Stand and Deliver” we get to see a variety of nuance, layer, and subtlety because the teens in Mr. Jaime Escalante’s class were not one type. They were jocks, nerds, princesses, rockers, thugs, students, and kids who could not be categorized. If you have never seen the film, or if you haven’t seen it since you were a kid I recommend re-watching it. The genius portrayal of a Bolivian math teacher who challenged and inspired a generation. The effects of his work to teach algebra than calculus are still being felt. 
Did you see my version of Ana Delgado?