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Rest In Peace Ricardo

I just heard about bro Ricardo Padilla’s passing and I just wanna say a few words. I met him at the first Latino Comic Expo in San Francisco (2012). I remember being amazed, floored, and inspired at the event he and Javier created. Never in my life had I been to an event dedicated to giving Raza their shine in comics and arts like this. And then there was Ricardo who greeted me with a handshake and a warm voice. He invited me to table there not long after even though I hadn’t yet made a comic. I’m still taking baby steps. Ever since then he would always smile , extend warmth and just make me feel welcome. At home.

When I read the news today I was shocked, saddened, and in disbelief. Not because I knew everything about him personally or went to every expo. But because however brief it was, we had a connection. And I feel like many of us in the comics, storytelling, animation, or arts scene really did too.

I want to express my condolences of course, but really I want to say thank you Ricardo for being so kind, affirming, and for pouring your heart into creating a safe and loving community space for all of us. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it takes countless unpaid hours, days, months, and years to build a community like the Latino Comics Expo. It takes drive, research, organizing, follow through, determination, generosity, and so so much love. I think the warmth I felt is love. From Ricardo and all thee kind people he and Javier brought together. And I’ll forever be grateful. Sending so much love, my condolences, and thanks to Javier, Rosalind, Sophia, and the whole Latino Comics Expo family and extended family. I’m honored to have known you and I honor you.

Official statement from Latino Comics Expo

RIP Zumbi (Zion-I)


“And when you’re doing it right, you know your inner light shines” -Zumbi
Sad hearing about the passing of Zumbi from Zion-I.  I didn’t know him personally, but I’m a fan of his work with Amp Live as the group Zion-I, his solo work as Baba Zumbi, the LPs w/the Grouch. The Bay and the hip hop community lost a huge one. I met this dude 20 years ago through the homie Pandora and his energy was positive and creative whether on stage or in person. I remember seeing them perform at La Peña in Berkeley, Life is Living, so many incredible songs, spirituality, political consciousness, slap, humbleness, positivity, generosity, lyrics, skill, presence,etc. He never stopped making music. Respect and condolences to his family, his fellow group mates, collaborators, and his fans. 
May his music and message live on forever. If you’re not familiar with his music please take a listen. These are some of my favorite songs: Inner light, Revolution, Silly Puddy, Trigger, On the one, We don’t, The Bay, Don’t lose your head, culture freedom, saving souls, so many songs, albums, features!
article via KQED
If you know or knew him through his music please consider donating to this fund for his children.
We lost so many Bay legends, Shock, Gift of Gab. Man.

Shock G (RIP)


RIP to Shock G (aka Humpty Hump) the co-founder of “Digital Underground” one of the illest groups from Oakland and the Bay. The first time I bought one of their albums I was still just a kid in elementary school. “Freaks of the Industry” and “Humpty Dance” are absolute party rockers that you can still throw on today and get people moving. But some of my other favorites by DU and Shock are Man’s world, April showers, We got more, Oregano flow, and of course Kiss you back, and Dowhatyalike. In his career w/ the crew he worked with so many artists and really and truly kept the funk of acts like Parliament and Larry Graham alive for the next generation. Most recently I was happy to see him in the souls of mischief doc giving praise to them but talking about the diversity of Oakland hip hop. My condolences to Money B, DJ Fuze, the DU crew, and all the fans. 
Heres a portrait of Prodigy (Mobb Deep) I did when he passed as well. So many legends gone too soon.

Rest In Peace-Grand Master “Roc Raida”


Im very saddened to hear about this since this was one of my idols of the DJ/ Hip Hop/ Turntablist world. I watched this dudes videos, Studied his work like a kung fu student trying to learn from a shaolin master. And although I no longer want to be the illest battle dj, I did then, and I take the lessons i learned from seeing him throw down with me forever.

Roc Raida was one of the founding members of the X-MEN and later X-ECUTIONERS crew which consisted of great Djs such Rob Swift, Mr Sinista, Total Eclipse, Boogie Blind, Dr. Butcher, Johhny Cash, Steve D(the inventor of beat juggling), Sean C, C-4, and Exotic E.. He defined so many styles and clean cuts, furious style, originality, consitency, raw talent, and so many other words describe how he got down. This cat won many battles including the DMC back in 1995 I believe.

Last year, on a whim I decided to hit him up since I started to see some of my favorite DJs out here (NYC) for the first time in person. I hit him up about doing a banner for the 2008 Gong battle which was held at the Knitting Fcatory. He was real cool and very DTE (down to earth) in person. I did the banner, really because I was/still am working on a project of illustrations of various musicians and he was one of the folks I had been wanting to draw in person for a long time. Also, I just really respected him for creating the GONG battle, because although itwas a brutal battle it moved the culture of DJ battling and artistry in Hip Hop forward.

Much Love goes out to Hm and his family. And much love goes out to the Xmen, and The Executioners crew. Keep it going yawl.
-Robert Trujillo/Tres

” Life is a gift to be enjoyed every second, every minute, its temporary, not infinite”
-Mr Lif GONG bATTLE 2008 Roc w/ Busta Rhymes Roc, old school routine In Oakland (my hometown)