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Virtuous Con- Virtual convention Feb 25-26th


Hey folks, I’m going to be a virtual vendor at the third “Virtuous Con“. I’m excited to participate, check out the panels, and to interact with attendees. Once you register for this event you’ll be able to virtually interact with the different creators and vendors. More info and registration here.

What is this?
Virtuous Con is a company created by Cerece Rennie Murphy that produces and hosts virtual events, as a vehicle for independent science fiction, fantasy, and comics creators to grow an audience for their work. Each event venue creates an authentic experience for attendees including virtual “booths” for vendors to interact live with attendees about their products and live panel rooms to interact in real-time discussions. Murphy created Virtuous Con out of a need to help many of her BIPOC creative colleagues and friends whose businesses were disproportionally impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Dig this? Check out this virtual panel I did as one of the organizers of the Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair

Octavia’s Parables Podcast


Y’all!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I started listening last year and quickly had to listen to every single episode. Of course its easy because I love Octavia Butler’s books and I especially love the Parable Series. But the hosts also make it really fun and relevant to today with questions and discussions that I find incredible. Support the show be listening for free on stitcher, spotify, apple, etc. And if you love it as much as I do become a patron on Patreon:
Toshi Reagon did a theater play about the book and made some incredible music based on the books. And Adrienne Maree Brown edited a book called Octavias Brood-a sci fi anthology.
This has inspired me to not only go back and re read the book, but to make some more art about it. These  are drawings I made in the past of Octavia:

Lovecraft Country-Season 1


If you have not yet seen this show, I HIGHLY recommend it. Check out the trailer, then listen to the podcast because after each episode they dive deep into each episode with thoughts, anecdotes, and opinions that greatly expand the show. And then, watch the behind the scenes after you’ve finished the show. It is worth it.

Transfinite: Neelu Bhuman

Hey folks, I made some illustrations for this film “Transfinite” by Neelu Bhuman. This is by far one of the hardest illustration projects I’ve ever worked or collaborated on. This is the fourth independent film I’ve worked on after Holding on to Jah, A Journey to Understanding, and America’s Shadows. Film requires vision, patience, communication, and a huge amount of team work.

Transfinite is a sci-fi omnibus feature film composed of seven standalone short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight, and thrive.

I did many many illustrations , characters, and scenes for Transfinite and the individual/collective pieces were animated by artist Pamela Chavez! If you’re in the Bay and want to see this film go here and cop tickets.

If you’re in other parts of the world, please visit this LINK and get ready for the premiere near you. Support Trans filmmakers of color!!!

Kindred Journey 14 – Fon Davis

Fon Davis started his career in film with the film Tim Burton film “The Nightmare before Christmas” as a set builder and has since gone on to build models or create special effects for over 30 films. Some of these films include Star Wars prequels, Interstellar, Starship Troopers, The Matrix, Elysium, and even produced his own short called “Morav”. I found Fon’s name while researching stop-motion film which lead me to meet several people who worked on Nightmare before Christmas, him, and his entire crew at Fonco Creative. The studio was awesome, bustling with props, miniatures, sets, artifacts, equipment, and lots of people working diligently to help make other people’s stories come to life. In the short time that I’ve met and researched him, I get the feeling that Fon is a truly nice guy, very hard working, particular, but very open minded. He is a pioneer of using multiple technologies (digital, practical) to make special effects look real so that we the audience don’t even notice them. From his work at Industrial Light & Magic, to Fonco, to New Deal Studios he has helped push the art form forward. Not only that, he teaches anyone who wants to learn how to build the miniature models and techniques he uses for film in educational classes with videos and schools such as Stan Winston School. Look out for him on shows like Battle Bots, at a comic con, or building an amazing robot for the next sci-fi film.
Sources: Sense of Scale, Stan Winston School, Fonco Creative, Imdb

Short Story 6

150 years from now Atoure walks through the abandoned courtyard with her youngest son. He has been attending flight school for nearly all his life and is maturing into quite the free spirit. Although he is the smallest of his class and the bigger kids tease him, he has listened well. Atoure talks slowly with her Caribbean accent, but she is incredibly excited just like her boy, who is “flying” after all. Truly flying!