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Stuff I’ve been listening to – 13

Feeling this vibe from IAMDDB.
Loved this rap from KOTA, so much more interesting that what most of these rappers are saying over and over aqain. Watch out for this dude.

Oldie, I borrowed this one from an old friend and loved this particular song so much.

Muhsinah is an incredible producer/vocalist who had major popularity around the late 2000’s. She now tours with Common I believe. Check out her old stuff-still hits.Like this one.

I wrote about this song a long time ago for Muphorcic Sounds. And I still love it. It just defies genre so well, so many styles mixed in. Soul, hip hop, Salsa, Cuban, etc.

Wild International!

This is old too but i’m still playing it, remixed by Oddisee. Shout out to the people of Sudan fighting for their freedom from an oppressive regime!

So, every few months, sometimes once a year I post some music or podcasts I listen to because I love it so why not share? I hope you dig some of what you hear. Pass it on. It leans toward hip hop mostly, but there’s some house, soul, jazz, funk, cumbia, afrobeat, and more in there….Here is:
Stuff I’ve been listening to 12
Stuff I’ve been listening to 11

Muphoric Sounds-In the trunk 2

What it do yawl?! Well, sorry for the slump in posts, but I just packed my life up and moved back to the place where I was born and raised.The Bay Area. Im back and forth across the East Bay right now but Im finna (going to be) around for awhile. For myNYC folkers, I should be back before October next Fall for a special project.

In the meantime, check out this new post about a doope song that came from a dope LP and a dope musician.Mr. Sergent Garcia! And, in case you missed my last post-Im going to be posting short blogs about music on the one and only, fresher than fresh…Muphoric Sounds.

My section is called “In The Trunk”, peep HERE