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Sometimes it gets shelved 5- Migration

Hey yall, back with another addition of sometimes it gets shelved. These are illustrations that get shelved, never used. So, I’m sharing some here with you. The theme was migration and I recycled at least one painting I have already done pose wise. The rest were new and attempting to show some of Central American families who migrate. 
Here are some other projects that got shelved.

Sometimes it gets shelved #3- 45 record of culture

Unfortunately this beauty did not get used at all for what I intended. You know sometimes folks are assholes, but most times they are nice people. The client and I did not see eye to eye on this one for whatever reason, but I liked it and still dig it. What do you think? Had any projects that were killed or never saw the light of day? I guess its buddhist like to just “let it go” right?