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Video: Interviews @ the “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair”


This is some video footage featuring interviews from book creators, organizations, the organizers of the event, and the owner of Teance. Can we give it up for Peter Limata and Lydia Yamaguchi though? They just bring SO MUCH vibrancy, love, and care to what they capture and who they spoke to at the event!  Please watch and enjoy. If you did not get a chance to attend the fair in person you can still get books from the creators who were there and many others using our website 
Here is more interviews Peter did leading up to the fair that morning. In this he speaks to Jill Guerra (We are Yoga/Somos Yoga), Christina Newhard of Sari Sari Books (KaliPay, Melo the Umang Boy), Breanna McDaniels (Hands Up), and John Casselberry (Konscious Kids).
Dig this? Check out the virtual 2020 Social Justice Children’s Book Fair

6th Annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair


Hey fam, it’s that time of year! The 6th annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair” is upon us. As one of 5 organizers (Laura Atkins, Alejandra Domenzain, Peter Limata, Janine Macbeth, Innosanto Nagara, and me)  I’m excited to invite local kids book makers to share their latest and greatest books with local families, librarians, book sellers, teachers, organizers, and more. While some cringe at the title I know we’re proud to bring together authors and illustrators who are progressive minded to one spot so the folks who actually search for their kind of books can find them all in one event. Board books, picture books, middle grade, YA, comics, and more. Check out the flyer I did 🙂

For this fair we encourage Bipoc, Queer, and Social justice minded kids book creators to table, sometimes read, or perform., and meet their community. This year it will be held again outside in Berkeley Ca. Please invite your folks to this event and check out these links for more info.


Dig this? If you’ve never been check out some photos from previous years or the online fair we did during the pandemic w/ the help of Lydia and Peter of “Storytime w/ Mr Limata”!

5th Annual Social Justice Children’s Bk Holiday Fair”


Hey fam, I’m excited to bring you the 5th annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair”. Every year a small team of volunteers get together and throw this event to connect you with kids book makers of many stripes. We focus on Bipoc, Lgbtq, and Social Justice minded creators and their books. Although covid is still real af, we will gather in B-Town (Berkeley, CA) masked and outdoors. So, come through, get some books, meet the creators, and spread love.
Date: Dec 5th
Time: 11am-2pm
Location: Teance
Who: Laura Atkins, Ann Berlak, Angela Dalton, Hayley Diep, Alejandra Domenzain, Girls Garage, Michael Genhart, Jill Guerra, Laneha House, Kamaria Lofton, NJ Mvondo/Multiculturalism Rocks, Innosanto Nagara, Christina Newhard, Meenal Patel, James Shields, Robert Liu-Trujillo, Justine Villanueva, PM Press, and more!
What: Not your average book fair 
Why? : Parents, kids, teachers, librarians, bk store owners, etc are hungry for these books and want to meet the people behind them.
Facebook LINK
Eventbrite LINK
If you’re in the Bay Area, come through. If not, tell a friend who is in the Bay!
Video: Here’s the link from last years virtual event w/ Mr Limata and Lydia Yamaguchi
Photos: Here are some photos from the past 5 years



DC mob, summer protests, idiots in govt. The largest strike in India, theft of $ from the people into billionaire’s pockets, pandemic, the shifting of power, victories. It’s a lot.
In the past I had a quick art response. Lately I’ve held back (Anyone else felt this lately?). This is a privilege. Some times it’s exhaustion. I’m happy to share others work which speak on it. I’ve been making protest art for awhile but I don’t always have the best quote to contribute. My folks know where I stand but I know some younger artists might be trying to figure it out. Me too. I’ve gotten hella game from OG artists & activists.
I’m trying to make art about what I’m for (Pro -people’s control of the wealth they create, choice, queer, reparations, dismantling the US govt as it exists, free health care, women’s rights, right to self defense, so many things, teaching actual history, )  Also trying to make a living.
But, if you’re pissed off, if you’ve been connecting the dots, if you’re seeing a lack of work in an area that makes you passionate; get involved. 
Homelessness, rights of trans people, fair pay, universal healthcare, abolishing jails/police, teaching how to grow food. Whatever “it” is, That someone who changes it is you. You can’t take on the entire world of course.
But YOU can effect your block, school, church, crew, city, etc. Whatever you choose, get specific AF and find others who about that life. When you see others moving like you on another thing, show solidarity. The hyper specific will change and so will you, not just a headline, vibe, or a hashtag. A movement.
If you get burnt out, change up the pace so it’s sustainable. Recenter. Remember to enjoy life and then re-enter.
That thing you’re passionate about needs your genius, your heart; you. We all do. Enter. Go.
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Black Lives Mural w/ Binta Ayofemi painted in 2020.

Video: Panel w/ Mr Limata (Soc Just Bk Childrens Bk fair)

Hey folks here’s a panel video leading up to the 4th annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair!
Here Me, Laura Atkins, and Innosanto Nagara discuss how the fair started and why this year is important with educator and storyteller Mr Limata (Follow him on FB, IG, or YT).
Check out the video and heres the facebook invite for the event coming this Saturday Dec 12th at 10:30am!


Kindred Journey 37 – A4BL

I remember beaming with happiness and pride when I saw a group of young Asian Americans chain themselves to a building( Police Dept)  to protest. They were bold and I remember thinking “that’s what I’m talking about”. Showing up and showing out with direct action. That group was A4BL or Asians 4 Black Lives, in support of Black activists and Black folks being murdered by cops. This was shortly after Mike Brown was killed. After Oscar, Rekia, Tamir, Tyisha, and Trayvon. Anyway, I won’t get into the history. I’ve pasted their statement below. To all my young Aapi’s this month I just wanted to share this with you if you didn’t know. Solidarity exists. Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage month. Fuck the police. 
We stand on the doorstep of the Oakland Police Department today as a group of Asians putting our bodies on the line in response to a national call to shut down institutions that perpetrate the war on Black people.  It is unacceptable that every 28 hours a Black person is killed by the police, security or vigilantes.
As Asians, we recognize the ways in which we’ve been used historically to prop up the anti-Black racism that allows this violence to occur. We are an extremely diverse community.  Some of us have been targeted, profiled, and killed by U.S. government institutions.  Many of us came to the U.S. as a result of the devastation and displacement caused by the US military and its “partners” in Asia, only to find a country uses police to devastate and displace black communities.  However, we also recognize the relative privilege that many of us carry as Asians living in the US. 
Many of our Asian brothers and sisters around the country have made powerful statements in support of ending the war on Black people and shown up to protests.  We hope that Asian communities will join us in reflecting on and continuing to practice an intentional Black-Asian solidarity, as we work toward the vision offered by organizers in Ferguson:

Did you catch the last one of Rocky Rivera?
Did you see this one of Bambu?

3rd Annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair

What up family, this is the third year we’ve done the “Social Justice Children’s Bk Holiday Fair” and the venue, date, and some of the guests are above. Please bring your children, families, teachers, librarians, friends, and activists to come meet some of these kids bk makers and hang out. The following is a list of some of the authors that will be present!
Laura Atkins
John Casselberry
Madeline Connor
Angela Dalton
Michael Genhart
Maya Gonzalez- Reflection Press
Daria Leavitt
Kamaria Lofton-Like The Moon
Janine Macbeth-Blood Orange Press
Innosanto Nagara
Beth Reichmuth
Lourdes Rivas
Matthew Smith-Reflection Press
Justine Villanueva- Sawaga River press
Khalid White
Here is the facebook event LINK please rsvp and share, share, share!
This year we’re back at Chapter 510 in Oakland.