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AD for Orange Barrel/ Wexner Center

Just got this really fresh picture of an Ad illustration I did for OBM-Orange Barrel Media, which was curated by The Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus Ohio. This ad is on N. High St. south of the Wex and Ohio State University on a pretty busy street. This was a quick turn around project and its always fun to do these quick pieces in the midst of much bigger things and such a tense political climate.
Here’s some of the process for the art created for this ad. check it out.
Originally we were going to do two versions of it (landscape and portrait)
Portrait is the one that they went with as a final I believe.

This ad’s artwork although quick, has some very personal elements in it and I feel like i’m speaking to myself as much as I am speaking to the young college students walking past it. I’m for a complete upheaval of this current system. And when they asked me to make it non partisan I agreed because most days I feel like fuck the 2 party system. But thinking strategically with my moves and those of organizers around me has never felt so urgent. I love talking to folks who say fuck voting because that was me, w/very valid reasons. And whatever you do, GET INVOLVED. Doesn’t have to be voting, but it needs to help improve the conditions of your block, hood, state, country, world, etc in a specific way.

I tried to keep the color composition very limited.
And the final!

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VIDEO: Wex Center for the Arts (Characters)

Hey, I was commissioned by Wexner Center (Ohio) to make some quick videos for kids at home during quarantine. These took awhile to do but were really fun. Check out the first of three about drawing character designs. I make lots of character designs for fun, for clients, and for stories so this is a short peek into how I come up with them. I visited Columbus Ohio and met Dionne Custer who reached out to me for this.

See some details about this year’s character collage which is featured in this video a bit. Here’s one of them.

Ohio School Visit + Sol Con- Photos

Recently I went out to Columbus Ohio to attend the SOL Con at Ohio State University and to read to some children at Weinland Park Elementary school out there. Here are some photos from my trip. The photo above is from an apartment area I saw. I really dug the architecture. All in all, it was a great experience. Professor Katlin Marisol Sweeney along with Prof Frederick Luis Aldama organized so much of SOL CON and it was great to meet them. All the exhibitors and folks I met were super cool. I took most of the photos but a few are from the SOL Con.
The day of the con
One of the huge buildings
I did a school visit and reading while I was there. This is the school library at Weinland Elementary before the children arrived. I had a lot of fun meeting the principal Dr. Robinson, all the school staff and Dionne Custer from the Wexner Center for the Arts which I also visited while there. It was really great to meet the students, read them my book, show them artwork, answer their questions, and to talk to them about art and stories. The school purchased copies of my book Furqan’s First Flat Top for many of the classrooms there.
Walking around the city from my hotel to leaving. Its always fun to walk around a city. I wish I’d had the time to see more but my trip was super short.
After visiting the Wexner Center for the Arts I created some video tutorials for them the following year during the start of the pandemic. Watch those HERE.
Prof Aldama & Jaime Hernandez
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