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Podcast w/ Jill Guerra – Yoga & Mindfullness teacher

I’ve been working with author Jill Guerra-Burger for awhile and it was really great to hear her describe what its like to be a full time yoga and mindfulness teacher in public schools. This is something I hope more schools will implement in the future. Besides teaching Jill is also and author. Check out more of her work here: The Love Curriculum

Here are some images from the book me and Jill worked on together called “We are Yoga/ Somos Yoga”. If you’d like to get a copy of th ebook you can get it from my shop here.

Dig this? Check out some yoga illustrations such as camel pose, warrior 2, or my latest character collage.

Yoga prints!

Here are some illustrations of children of color doing yoga that I painted this year. It seems simple but a yoga teacher asked me to illustrate one image and it inspired me to do more of kids doing some poses. If you are a yoga teacher and can make use of these, here are some prints of these images. I will be illustrating more as the year progresses. Click the link to see what other prints I have.

Yoga Awards – Jill Guerra

I illustrated these poses originally for Yogi Jill Guerra who teaches Yoga to the children in public schools here in the Bay Area. Jill gave me some art direction for these awards which can be used for students of all kinds, not just Yoga students. You can cop them here “The Love Curriculum”.

Character 135 – Camel Pose

This is the Camel Pose in Yoga, also called Ustrasana.

This is part of a short series of poc yoga art created in collaboration with Jill Guerra. I illustrated some poses for some awards she did in 2018. To see more of this kind of work in a book, check out “We Are Yoga/ Somos Yoga” written by Jill Guerra and illustrated by me.

Get a copy here.

Feature with Rachel Meyer (Yogi)

Rachel Meyer is a Yoga teacher and practitioner from South Dakota, Oakland, and now Boston. I took her yoga class several times with my wife Joy in Oakland at a spot called Flying Yoga. One of many classes she taught around the Bay. I went because I wanted to just spend time with my wife (before we were married) and because she said that the instructor (Rachel) was her favorite. Once I took the class I could see why, she gave a good flow and breadth to the class. She gave guidance and instruction, but was not over bearing or annoying. She spoke not only of correct posture and the names of the poses, but of how the practice of moving through them could be applied to other aspects of our lives. Rachel has a great energy about her and from the way she lead those classes you’d think she’s been doing it for over a century. 
Check out her website.
To read my interview go HERE