Character Collage 2022-2024

Character Collage 2022-2024

Ok, its been a minute since I uploaded a collage of characters! Two years I think, but honestly some years are rough and last year and a half was that. Regardless, I still made some art and want to show some of the ones I actually liked. There was probably double or triple that either sucked or I just didn’t finish them. I started doing these collages in 2012 as a way to practice, smile at my accomplishments, and to see improvemeent. Still have so much longer to go! But, keeep swinging.

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Sister from my sketchbook 2021 2. Sketchbook doodle 3. Character revisited 4. L& M Tourers 5. Sketchbook doodle 6. Mama Peng 7. Sensei Fatima 8. 2023 Self portrait cruising 9. Blue face Sketchbook 10. Fairy Big Sister 11. C.R. Patterson & Sons 12. Sketchbook doodle 13. Sketchbook doodle 14. Sketchbook doodle 15. Mama & daughter 16. Sketchbook doodle

Dig this? If you are interested in more characters, check out my first art book “Art of Rob” 130 pgs of art. Wanna see some more character collages? Oh boy, there’s more

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