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Foster Power Illustration


Damn, going through old files I found this illustration I did for “Foster Youth Action” as a collaboration with Design Action Collective (Type design by Ivy Climacosa ). Foster youth in Action is an or dedicated to empowering kids of all stripes in the foster care system and working with national allies who work in the foster care as well. Check out some process for this below.
 Looking back at old work even from just a few years ago I see so many things I can improve, but I think its really important to post so you can see my growth because I’m trying to improve every day! 

Anyways, check out this piece I did for Sunrise Movement too.

RYSE Center in Richmond w/ Alejandra Perez

Peace yawl, been grinding away on several projects out here in the bay town. The two foremost are for for the homie Hagar.Check him out, he’s working on positivity in the clothing industry….and Roger Hall’s film “Holding on to Jah”. . Please check them both out. Working hella hord!

On another note, one of my objectives when I came back to the bay town was to connect with some of the artists and writers who have contributed their beautiful work and energy to Come Bien Books. I got a chance to sit down and rap with several up and coming artists & writers these past few weeks, whom you will be seeing more of soon. The talented, up and coming artist/ youth activist Ms. Alejandra Perez was nice enough to give me a tour of the new RYSE Center in Richmond,Ca. Almost 3 years ago, myself, Skot La Rockwell, and Bounce from the Trust Your Struggle Collective painted a large mural on the front of their building. Check out Ryse here:
The youth and staff their are hella nice and have been putting in serious work to enrich the lives of families in Richmond. Props to yawl!