the tys mural tour US 2008-ATL

the tys mural tour US 2008-ATL

Peace yawl, whew its called HOT-lanta for a reason homie. So we ruff’n it homez-today was my first hot shower in like 7 days. The make shift shower we got here at the center (where were ptg a dope! mural) is a water hose taped up over a fence really. But, its nothing if youre down to just ruff it. Also, sleepn on thee floor in the addict w/ 7 other homies.

The crew of painters:
Rob-Tres(me of course)

Crew of instigators:
Mikey 1 soul!-Blogg, net specialist
Eric Camins-Videographer

Man, today we had some ol southern hospitality-Some santeria practicin Lousianers in ATL scooped us up, let us take showers at they crib (which was rather fly-byt ), and they fed us yawl! They mde a jumbalaya.who knows what im talkin bout? That aint all-they gave us a car package full of nice soaps and extravagant smells for our trip.
yep folks have been showing us hella love out here-tellin us how much they appreciumated the mural, bringing us small donations(and folks are str8 strugglin’-half of the homes where we are in the Swats are boarderd up!but were literally down the block from Morehouse)

The only draw back is someone jacked one of our cameras we use to do time-lapsed fotos/animations of the mural to show yawl, the folks, and possible funders.

We went to a spot called MJQ-which was crackin! hella lil jon, bonecrusher, crucial conflict, even some jayz, reggae,dancehall, and a kind of ill rock set.As TYS members were moshin-i was checkin out the atl bboys breakin to southernplayalisticcaddilacfunkymusic.

It tayk bout fo five hourez tah unnerstand whut they be sayn, but when u git it, iss awl guud shawty!

We havin some serious car trouble too-but we aint fitna let that stop us-nola is up next. I cant wait to see my cousin and my aun tie-and im getting myself mentally prepared for the shit im bout to see-shit is real.

I ben wonderin when big boi finna come by and see us, where keisha cole and tyler perry live and why folks think the braves logo is raw-that shit is hella racist.If u reading this and u have a few dollars to spare, please hit up the blog and donate what u can shawty.Holler at me if you know of :
Business people
Radio DJ’s
Good restaraunts in the following areas:

New Orleans

TYS Calamity
“Come Bien” Books
peace to my homies/TYS folkers who couldnt make it- Skot La Rockwell,Pele

awmoss fahgot.These people im working with are some of the most talented and silly people ive ever worked with-and i love them.

If u get a chance to holr at one of them-thank them for doing this because it takes a lot of courage,respect,humbleness, ganas, balls, clit, stamina, and hunger to do this.Not only for your own elevation as an artist in your own craft-but as someone who truly believes in doing something for communities to help uplift!!!!!!!!And by the smiles and hugs i been getting from people-we might be broke monetarily-but with love and respect-were the wealthiest people i know………

Live youre dreams yawl-DONT BE AFRAID-whatever u want out of life….take it,punto.

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