Until We Are All Free-Tool Kit (Culture Strike)

Until We Are All Free-Tool Kit (Culture Strike)

Yo, I’m happy to share a too with you. This is a free tool kit for activists and artists to use when making artwork (stencils and banners) for protests, political actions, and or marches. With MAY DAY (International Workers Day) coming up quick, it is pretty freakin awesome to be invited to share artwork for anyone to take and use as a stencil for actions.

The message is simple, make art. Make a statement about what is happening around us whether it be the unjust treatment/separation/ and incarceration of Latino immigrants in this country, the murder of Black and Brown folks, the right of workers to a livable minimum wage and all the fight it takes to get it, or the shit Trans folks have to deal with. Use this tool kit to speak on it. Thank you Culture Strike! The piece I was asked to alter for stencil making is here.

Shout out to Sonia G, Oree Originol, Julio Salgado, and Favianna Rodriguez


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