UR 4 Africa-Nigerian Artist workshops

UR 4 Africa-Nigerian Artist workshops

My good friend Shola Ajayi (Film maker/ Activist) has been busy founding an organization in her home country Nigeria called “UR 4 Africa” which brings International teaching artists to Lagos, Nigeria to share techniques for art and media making; as well as storytelling. Please check it out and share with folks you know in Nigeria, other African countries, and here in the states. And if you know of anyone who would like to become a teaching artist with them or offer funding, please contact them.

The organization is on all social media and they can be reached here http://www.theur4africaproject.org/

Why is this organization important? Because the story of who Nigerians or Africans in general are must be told by Africans. As writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says it is too easy to get caught up in a “single story” of poverty when thinking of Africans.  There are so many parts of everyday life that I know nothing about, and I would like to learn more. It is important to me to get the real story from real people, not a fake Ngo or a fake charity. Right on Ur4Africa.  I can’t wait to hear more stories about Lagos life.

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