Booth SET UP from Craneway Craft Fair

Booth SET UP from Craneway Craft Fair

Throwback to my table set up at the Craneway Craft Fair in Richmond California last November. The organizers did a great job getting the space ready and getting in and out was seamless. I did pretty well too.

Here’s a photo of me working taken by Craneway’s Clara Rice.

This was a really cool moment. Michael Perry who wrote Turntable Timmy and Daniel’s Ride gave me some much neeeded encouragement over a decade ago when I was just starting out. It was so crazy to run into him at this event! See original post.

Dig this? Check out some press from the 7th annual Social Justice Children’s Book Fair where I’m not only a co-organizer but a vendor as well. Also, here’s a post about how I improved my table set up.

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