CultureStrike-“Visions from the inside 2” Illustration

CultureStrike-“Visions from the inside 2” Illustration

This is the second time around working with the homies from CultureStrike and it is truly a blessing to learn. I learn every time I work with them. If you are not familiar with CultureStrike(CS) , they are an organization of artists from various disciplines taking their fight against injustice to artwork and culture. Instead of always telling folks what “not” to do they are showing what we can do to change the narrative around issues or people. 

In this case, its the narrative around immigrants and how they are treated. This is the second letter I received from someone who is going through or has gone through the immigration process here in the US. Many of these places are backed by private for profit corporations. Many times in the narrative of the media the conditions that these folks are facing are #$%&*( up. Last time I got a letter from a child. This time CS sent artists letters from men and transgender folks going through it.

Please check out my piece about a man who is a prime example of how some one could be injured by the guards/the system and receive little to no support. Many people die in us jails and prisons, I wonder if the practices carry over to these for profit centers processing immigrants mostly from Central America and Mexico.

Check out some of the process shots and follow Culture Strike for media interviews about the many other letters and artists involved in redefining the narrative around detention centers here in the US. It is important for people like me who are just learning about this, or folks who know nothing at all to be informed visually about what is happening. Some folks don’t read, so share the artwork that CultureStrike is creating because there is a movement of folks trying to get folks free from the detention centers and to help reconnect families who’ve been torn apart.
Do not believe the hype about latino immigrants and stealing American jobs. American corporations specifically and explicitly started to take away jobs here because they found out they could pay people in other parts of the world a fraction, therefore making more billions for their CEOs. 

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