Daddy thoughts 2- Run

Daddy thoughts 2- Run

“We all running in some form or another. If not to score a touchdown, just to go a step further…..I wont waste my life time going in circles. I know where Im going and Ima get there. With focus, I go for the gold like Jackie Joyner, the race is not for the swift. Its a test of endurance” -Stic Man


Since I have legs and can walk,I run. I was inspired by reading some daddy blogs today after putting my little one to sleep; to write. A fellow parent recommended I get hip to the Dad blogosphere, which I had no idea was so HUGE. More on that later. I’ve been running again weekly for about 9 months now. I’ve had spurts and lapses here and there before then and now as well.

I ‘ve been running my entire life. Sometimes from problems, danger, responsibility, or even opportunity. I was never an atheletic cat, but I love walking for long distances in any direction and when I was in junior high I truly developed a love of running. The shortness of breath, the sweat, the adrenaline that kicks in as your second, or even third win hits.

Now though, I run to prepare myself. I run to stay loose, toward no specific destination, but to stay ready. I’m a father and I have to keep up with my little boy among other things. Today as we played and kicked the soccer ball around and ran with another dad and his kids, i was glad that my lungs hold up. I hope to stay fit for the entireity of my life so that I can see as much of his life as possible. I dont run far. I dont run the fastest, and I definitely dont have the best running shoes, but I do run. I do go a little bit longer each time, and I do it consistently. Add a sprint for the last to yards and 10 pull ups or more at a local park and Ive got myself a good workout.

I run at night, usually after my boy is a sleep; or after ten if he is not with me. I do it for myself, my health, for my life, and so I can keep up with this little prince…..I run to build something in myself, in my career maybe, my art, or my soul too.

 “A journey of a thousand miles begins one step at a time” -Lao Tzu

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