Finance, knowledge, shame- Berna Anat, Farnoosh Torabi, and Ramona Ortega

Finance, knowledge, shame- Berna Anat, Farnoosh Torabi, and Ramona Ortega

We all have debt whether you’re poor, working class, or middle class. Only the wealthy and ultra wealthy can possibly say they do not have debt. We all struggle with paying rent, mortgage, bills, and living life because of financial knowledge, historical theft, so much.

But Berna Anat really is an approachable, plain language, and funny person who is knowledgeable about debt and some of the cultural nuances that most white male financial planners talk about. Check out this talk! Really worth following her.

Farnoosh! Love her she has a great podcast called “So Money” with short practical tips and interviews with folks who specialize in specific areas of finance. I subscribe to her podcast to learn!!

Lastly, Ramona Ortega! I found Ramona through Backstage Capital (Arlan Hamilton). Her company My Money My Future/ Mi Dinero Mi Futuro is a financial advising school and service. I subscribe to her newsletter and it is awesome.
Yes you can get advice and services for finances. You don’t have to be a rich white man to get it either.
Inspiring women tackling finance for people who don’t have the time, but want to save, grow their money, diversify their income streams, and live life. Of course there is this thing called Capitalism , Racism, and Imperialism which maintains unequal distribution of wealth and has literally robbed folks. But thats a whole other conversation. 
Be well and get fed mentally!

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