ICE CUBE-Still one of my favorites

ICE CUBE-Still one of my favorites

Mr. O’shea Jackson is one of the ILLEST Rappers/MC’s you’ll ever hear.I put this video first to let you know from the late 80’s to 08′ this %&*$# still flips it-even w/ a Minnie Ripperton sample. Brings up a lot of old memories.Feel me?

“searching my car, looking for the product, thinking every %&*$ is selling narcotics!”

Now why did i put this?Cube wrote this and most of Eazy’s rhymes!
peep some of L.A.’s finest writers painting in the background….

Larry Fishburne drops some of the best qoutes ive ever heard in this movie.

“why is that the only time black folks get to ride in a limo?!”
old school rap city
“Classic”……”the product”
peep the news reporter in the beginning of this classic collab w/ Chuck D from Public Enemy- That shit was true, an ave of 4-700 young black youths were being murdered every year!
Anybody remember this?Well, stop by J.D.’s myspace page and lend some words cuz the brotha is locked up.Free em all!

Ok, let me drop some TYS knowledge here.

Cube illustrates a REAL story of the spread of crack from the west coast to the south and the midwest.Real talk. Crack cocaine was brought in by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)for two reasons(San Jose Mercury News-Gary Webb).

One, to fuel the genocide of black, then brown, the poor and working class people. Also, around the 80’s there were rebellions like the US had never seen before in Guatemala, Nicaragaua, and El Salvador.The money made from Crack sales, went into guns and funds to illegally fight against the Sandinistas and other guerilla armies.Around this time, an epidemic of gang warfare escalated, hundreds were murdered,and even more were “disappeared” or murdered in those Latin Amer. countries. ………peep what Cube says about his jail sentence and the public defender..This was right on because this began the culture of imprisonment, where you now have over 2.3 million “Americans” in prison, and even more on parole or probation.And people of color (Black, Latino,Native American, Asian) make up 80% of the population!

hey, im from oakland, but he had to call him out-he was doing seven much…
the cover doesnt match, but peep these lyrics-think bush is new?Bush Sr. was in office around this time, crack cocaine?hmmmmmmmmmm.
this shit was tight, dont give a fuck what any body say.Peep “Red Hot Chili Peppers” in the background
.Peep the little girl wearing “cross colors”-everybody was wearing those back then. The jam!!!!Isley bRothers sample!
“the message” of course!+ Das Efx!
“Society itself is failing!”-What can i do?”Mack 10″ AND “kAusion” hit around this time i believe.Bsides and Bootlegs LP

going back to Ms. Champagne of course…
they pulled out the old school actors for this one-motion pict shit.This was when Snoop dropped the “Murder was the Case” LP
Movies like Trespass,Friday, then Higher learning

after that, im hanging up the line.All i can say is the films got better.A few good cuts sprinkled here and there though.Much love and respect.

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