Positive Wall Affirmation “Make Love”

Positive Wall Affirmation “Make Love”

Remember that wood carving/ PWA in the works?
From Etsy:

This is the next edition to my series of Typographic words that feature a positive message or word. I dubbed it PwA or “Positive Wall Affirmation” because they are meant to hang on a wall, and they are meant to affirm a positive though.

 I carved this one by hand from an old award plaque I picked up from Urban Ore in Berkeley, Ca. I picked up the tools for 5 bucks at a flea market in San Diego. Since this was my first wood carving like this i needed a lot of time to finish it, to experiement, and to just have fun. this wont be the last of its kind. Its about 12″ x 9″, wood, carved, and painted.

 “Make Love” figuratively and literally.

 Note: If you like this but cant afford the original, drop me a line about a print.

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