Sa Pilipinas Fundraiser+Video (TYS+Water Writes)

Sa Pilipinas Fundraiser+Video (TYS+Water Writes)

So this Friday The Water Writes project, The Trust Your Struggle Collective, and many other orgs will be presenting a small art fundraiser for Typhoon victims in The Philippines. There weill be art for sale, music, performances, and I’m thinking about doing henna or doing custom nail painting. What say you ladies, or fellas too if you’re into painting your nails.  Seriously, check out all the folks donating their time. And read what Bambu had to say about the Typhoon under “data dump”.

Annd Check out this “Beautipul” (Filipino accent) video from the Palawan mural my crew painted out in the Philippines this past summer. Incredible wall, crew, family, support, faces, etc.

#WaterWrites Philippines Mural with Trust Your Struggle from Estria Foundation on Vimeo.

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