Sketches 4

Sketches 4


A page from my 2021 sketchbook
Sketch from a painting I did for The Center for Cultural Power (CultureStrike)
Sketch of Dr Muriel Petioni, mother of medicine in Harlem for BLK History Month

Sup with it fam, its been awhile since I shared some sketches from my process. I share process art a lot with different projects but sometimes I just love looking back at the sketches I made before painting some of my personal or client work. Sometimes the sketches are better than the final. Something about the energy in them.

Spreads from “I am Sausal Creek/ El Arroyo Sausal” written by Melissa Reyes and illustrated by me
Sketch for a painting of pioneering animator Brenda Banks for BLK History Month 
Letters for the 15th anniversary of the Trust Your Struggle Collective

One of many color sketches I did for a sticker

A sketch for a UC Berkeley project “We Too Belong”
Wanna see more of my sketches?
A doodle from my sketchbook
A sketch from a picture book called “We Are Yoga/ Somos Yoga” written by Jill Guerra and illustrated by me
One last one, these are sketches for a sticker I did that reminds me to PAUSE.

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