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SFETSY seller!

Fam, I first “volunteered” for SF Etsy in 2014 (i think-getting old) because I wanted to put in some work and learn how they work, who they are, and if it would be a good place to sell my stuff at. I found out all of that and so much more. SF Etsy is a kind, supportive group of folks who are from all over the Bay Area. I’ve always had a great time at all their events and its a world class lesson in community and business when you peep how they do what they do. So, find something different and unique by using the #sfEtsy hashtag, go to the shows once they start up again, and support a local business… 

Podcast: Etsy Conversations Interview!


Hey fam, I’m juiced to share that I’m a featured guest on Ijeoma Eleazu‘s wonderful podcast “Etsy Conversations”!! Yawl, she has over 300 episodes of game and I have definitely learned from the many sellers on her show about what has worked for them. Case in point the episode about digital goods from Paper Sphinx and the episode about what content marketing is from Chi Odogwu.
Tune in on youtube, whichever podcast app you use, or check out her site and see all her links.
Did you catch the interview I did with YBCA?

E14 Gallery & Store

Affiliated is one way to put it. Connected and rooted is another way to lay it down. In the midst of both artists and small stores feeling a huge hit of this corona pandemic I want to give this Oakland store a shout out run by Viviana. Founded some five or six years ago as an offshoot of the EastSide Arts Alliance, E14 has been home to some amazing gallery art exhibitions, film premiere’s, music performances, book readings, and more. They are based in Old Oakland section of the town. But with todays climate for shopping what I would invite you to do is:

Follow their Instagram page

Keep an eye out for their posts about new merch as they have a great selection of jewelry, books, music, art, clothing, and more unrivaled in the Bay. And most of it by Black and Brown artisans from around the way.

Here’s a video about the old location, they’ve since moved across the street.

Marcus Books in Oakland

Check out Marcus Books in Oakland if you have not already. If you have, please go back there and support again. You can not only find history, psychology, memoirs, novels, children’s books, graphic novels, non fiction, and fiction. But, you can also request books and they will order them. And when you buy it from them instead of through online giants you’re helping to keep the dollars in this store and the Black community of Oakland.

Marcus Books website

Modern Mouse Alameda – Go visit!

Yo, wanted to give a shout out to this local independent store called Modern Mouse. If you’re in the Alameda area you can get some of my bookmarks and bookplates (english & spanish) there. The store is a haven for locally made cards, posters, pins, earrings, shirts, books, and more. And the best part is that the majority of what I saw is made by a Bay Area native. I invite you to support small businesses like this one over the big box stores. 

Furqan UPDATE 23 – New stores 2018

Ok, so what follows is a bunch of brick and mortar actual physical stores from California to London. What I would like you to do is to visit them if they are near you. Buy my book there and buy other books from them. Support small businesses rather than the huge corporations. If they don’t have a book you want, they can get it for you. Support these also because they have different specialties and tastes, which means you’ll find things you weren’t looking for when you shop. If you’re an author or illustrator, contact them too.
1. Blue Willow Bookshop – Houston TX

2. Book Passage – Corte Madera/ Marin -CA

3. Diesel Bookstore – Larkspur CA

4. East Bay Booksellers – Rockridge CA

5. Green Apple books – San Francisco CA

6. Land Gallery/ Buy Olympia – Portland OR

8. New Beacon Books – London UK (Black Owned)

9. Petunia’s Place – Fresno CA

10. Skylight Books – Los Angeles CA

11. Spectator Books – Piedmont/Oakland CA
If you know an independent bookstore that should have the book, request it there or give the owners my email. Its is