turf assignment-supasickwidit + hellla other folks

turf assignment-supasickwidit + hellla other folks

Peace yawl, got an assignment for school for drawing a dance troupe. The folks listed were of many dance styles.Ok…..i was born in the Bay so my gut went straight there.So many styles to draw from(Breaking, popping, strutting,etc.) The newest dance that has kids literally forming crews in Palo Alto, San Jo-i think, Oakland, Frisco, Richmond, and probably Berkeley, Concord, Pittsburg, and Vallejo is TURF DANCING-gigging, going dumb, are part of it.
Its BAY fa sho’, but influenced by Poppin, strut, a dash of this and that-but its like water man. Old school cats be talking hella shit bout’ the youngsters-but I seen some of these crews first hand and well, to put it the way my students in East Oakland said THEY “GO”!!!!

Heres a partial list of crews ive seen in person(SF,Oak), on you tube, and on myspace:
Turf Fienz
Go Bots
Turf Finatikz
Turf Stars
Turf Jerks
Yellow Bus Boys
Turf Stars
Retro Kids

For some history on the mvmt. peep

heres some videos and sketches(coming soon);that shit is hella hard to capture.

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