Typography 20- I for Invisible Skratch Piklz (turntables)

Typography 20- I for Invisible Skratch Piklz (turntables)

I know, I know! Some of y’all are going to disagree with me on this one again. But I’ve seen these cats individually at different times and if what they do scratch wise on turntables don’t have syncopation, rhythm, notes, and improvisation in it; I don’t know what does. Just try looking up a Charlie Parker solo and compare it with D-Styles, Shortkut, Mix Master Mike, or Qbert’s.

Some of my favorite examples of them involve just scratching (manipulating a record on a turntable to make music). Like this practice session between Qbert and DStyles, Mike cutting it up, or Shortkut doing his legendary strobe beat juggling technique.

Still not convinced? You never saw “Scratch” did you?

Anyway, in this “I” for “Invisible Skratch Piklz” i decided to put in some Filipino tattoo designs from old archival photos and my imagination. Top that off with a roman numeral-esk letter I and 3D like a graff piece and there you have it. A word on scratching, when i first saw “Juice” in 1992 my mind was blown and for the next ten years I dedicated countless hours searching for records, scratching, buying equipment and vinyl, one piece at a time. ISP=Jazz (to me).

I’ve had the chance to scratch with Q and I can tell you that these dudes along with countless others from the Bay Area spawned generations of turntablists because they shared what they knew. Q is still teaching last I checked. Much respect.

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