Character 39- Zombi Kid (656 Zombi Book)

Character 39- Zombi Kid (656 Zombi Book)

Last year I was super excited to be included in the design of my own Zombi kid for The Zombi Kid Art Book. Zombi Kid is a comic book character created by Dominique Arce, Oliver Arce and the pushed forward by the entire 656 Comics team. It is an awesome character with a strong design and whenever i have shown people my version of it they usually ask where its from and i tell them, 656 Comics!

The team from Ciudad Juarez (which I visited almost two years ago) created an entire artbook of interpretations, comics pages, collaborations, character designs, and more. i’m not sure when they will be selling the physical copy of the book, but you can see the digital version now. Please spread the word to other comics lovers, 656 is on a move!

DIGITAL Book link

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