Short Story 15- Ramen Shop

Short Story 15- Ramen Shop

On 41st. and Broadway in Oaktown California several people visited the new Ramen shop.

“How was it?” Ms Huan Le asked, smiling.
“Incredible! Oh my god sis, the best I’ve ever tasted!” With his hands up the man said “I’m so glad I brought my niece here. She’s been talking about going to eat some ramen noodles for the last two weeks.”

As Mr Washington turned to Ms Huan Le, Macy a precocious 6 year old raised her hand in agreement. She slurped and continued to slurp, for she could eat an entire adult sized bowl her self and didnt say a word.

Yo, took quite a while to finish this short. Not because of how difficult, just because of so many things going at once. I did it in watercolor first, but decided to redo it digitally. Check out some of the process shots as I experimented with brushes, texture, and a Wacom tablet (thank u Boo). It’s rough, but Im done with it for now. Let me know what you think. This image is based on a real idea, real people, and something to come very soon.

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