Short Story 12- Gye Nyame State vs Fantastic Phono Freaks

Short Story 12- Gye Nyame State vs Fantastic Phono Freaks

“Mic check one, two, one two.

On the turntables and phonographs on the right side of the ring we have the terrible, the tenacious turntable titans known as “The Fantastic Phono Freaks”. Live and direct, one time for your mind six tables rocking all at once. The freaks throw all kinds of sounds, hooks, and jabs. They cut with style, passion, finesse, and grace. In a wild display of old and new, the crew cued up records and turned the volume up to 10. With hand held tables, marching decks, an old phonograph, a killer sound system, and two custom 1200’s the crew was loud!

Adjust your ears, on the left side of the ring we have the royal, regal, and ready to rock ensemble known as the “Gye Nyame State University” marching band. 1st squadron. With crisp chimes, booming bass, horns that rattle, drums that shred, and leadership that strikes hard the band shows off. Striking, blowin’, and smacking like a wrestling match of robots and animals.

Although both groups came to the ring that day to settle a score, there was no victory that day. Just a warm sunset at the courts where all kinds of people came to sit on the bleachers, hold signs,cheer, and bare witness to an incredible competition of sound, technique, and bass.

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