Short story 17- Queen of the Secret Garden

Short story 17- Queen of the Secret Garden

 January 17th, 1981

Dear momma,

We found it! We finally found it! The maps only helped for some of it. The rest me and Daddy just figured out along the way down the coast. I wish you were here to see it. My feet are tired and we been walking with these backpacks for like a zillion years. But its kinda nice here. The rocks got a smell to em’ and everything is so quiet. Not like Fort Valley Road.Even the trees here whisper. You should see Daddy. He’s smiling like a little kid and looking back, around, up, and at every little thing. We spent a whole day just walking around, going through the passageways and up a bunch of staircases. There were caves and sculptures like the one of this woman’s face. It’s real big, and some how she just kind of floated there. Nothing to hold on to. Her face wasn’t mad or sad. I wonder who she was, the legend say that the “Queen of the secret garden” ruled over these lands almost a thousand years ago. Well , we’re on our way back. I can’t wait to tell you more when we see you. Bye!


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