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Children’s Portrait 78 – Jidan & Bryant’s family

Hey, here is the latest children’s portrait. Typically I paint one child at a time. At the most, maybe two kids. But occassionally I get to paint a family!! Love this family, they are awesome and beautiful just being themselves but they have not only contributed some great work to this world as organizers, artists, parents, and writers; but they have helped me grow. As an artist and as a person.

Check out the painting process. Typically I do a sketch directly on the wood or trace a photgraph and redraw it on wood.

Slowly building up tone and contrast with acrylic paint on wood panel.

Then, I began building up skin tone values, shading, and hair bit by bit. Its painteed with acrylic so i can add light or dark if I need to. But i prefer to build up color and contrast slowly.

This is the final painting as it was delivered. Check out Jidan and Bryant‘s work. If you’d like to get a child or family painted for a portrait please hit this link up.

Dig this? Check out this family portrait of writer/professor Tomas Moniz w/ his family! Or wheen I painted Bryant and Jidan’s kids Mila and Zenzi.

Inspiring Artist – Bisa Butler (born 1973)


Bisa Butler!!  The first time I heard of this artist was through MC Black Thought on his interview series last year when the pandemic started. I had been seeing her incredible work and thought it was oil or acrylic when I saw it. Come to find out she sews and collages these incredible images together. Wow, so dope. Doesn’t matter what your discipline is, just peep her work and support because she’s a living artist who is still pretty young.

Yo, if you’re new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Again go to her site and check her out.

I love this woman’s work and if you didn’t catch the last inspiring artists check them out:

45’s – Music Inspired


Saw a design in an hgtv magazine and got inspired to make this. Two 45 adapter’s for that music lover in you, your partner, or best friend. Look out for post cards of this image coming soon. 
Did you catch the painting of a Shekere
Here’s a little more info:
This one is for the music lovers. It doesn’t matter which genre, as long as music is something you can’t get through the day without. Could be for musicians or the fans. The image represents two 45 adapters. These adapters are used to secure and play 45 rpm records. I chose these colors because they are complementary and I love the color the overlay of them creates. check out some of my other “Music Inspired” drawings and paintings.

Children’s Portrait 59 – Marisol


Recently finished this portrait of a child named Marisol. In the past I have disclosed and illustrated something about the child’s ethnicity. But in the past year or so I have opted to focus on the kid and what they are interested in. Marisol is interested in the outdoors!! And their favorite color is green. So there you have it. If you would like to commission a portrait of a little one go here.
Want to see the collage of portraits I made for 2017-2020 ?
Check out Marisol’s brother here.
Here’s some process art here:

Mixed Kid

Here’s a new painting I made for fun. It’s a way to show pride in being a mixed kid. What is a mixed kid? Well for me, it means someone who comes from multiple ethnic backgrounds or nationality. But it could also mean a mixture of experiences, countries, beliefs, families, or religions. Take it how you will. If it resonates with you, great!

This is a square print of an original acrylic painting. It comes in two sizes and is inspired by my own multiethnic / multiracial heritage. That’s also why it has many colors.

If you’d like a print of this painting go HERE

Check out some close ups.

ArtvsArtist 2020

Here is my #ArtvsArtist piece for 2020. I didn’t see anyone posting new ones yet this year so i thought I’d do it again. I haven’t done one since 2018. Check out some of these pieces in more detail. From left to right, top to bottom. If you’re new to my work, here’s how you can work with me LINK, or you can email me at
1. Read Print 1
2. Brown Berets for Inktober
3. Bandsaw character
4. Leila Motley (Poet)
5. Me– Photo by Kristen Murakoshi
6. Dads who dig character
7. Boombox character
8. Play That Beat type
9. Organizer painting

Children’s Portrait 55-56- Cinthya & Kids

Just did a new family portrait of my good friend Cinthya and her babies who are not so little anymore. The family loves nature and I decided to combine that with their favorite colors. Several years ago I painted her oldest child Tlanextli. Check out the painting process below.

If you’d like a portrait painted of your child or family. Click this LINK

Base Color
Final Painting w/ highlights
I’ve been painting these original pieces of art for families since 2013. If you didn’t see the previous children’s portrait of Mila & Zenzi, go HERE.

Jamilah King

Had the pleasure of working with journalist Jamilah King for the new year. She’s an amazing journalist who has worked for Al Jazeera,, The California Sunday Magazine, and now Mother Jones. Please support her and read more about her here at
Dig this? Check out this portrait of Moses Sumney

Children’s portrait 46-47 Elijah & Zander


Its been awhile. Here are brothers Elijah and Zander! These are two really cute mixed kids coming from both African American and Latino backgrounds. They are both into sports and Elijah’s thing is music, and Zander’s is science and math.
If you’re interested in getting a portrait painted of your child please check out my store or email me at

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